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Psychometric Tests in SLT Recruitment

ASDTi is a UK-based publisher of Psychometric Tests for SLT Recruitment AND Development. Psychometric Tests help guide your recruitment by showing areas you can explore further in the interview process - it’s like beginning your interview having already asked the candidate hundreds of questions, and having compared their answers with thousands of successful SLT members to see what the similarities and differences are.

We publish three main psychometric tests - the UKPQ (personality and behaviour); the UKGMAT (Senior Leadership Aptitude Test) and the UKGSAT (Middle leadership Aptitude Test. The UKPQ360™ offers the UK’s first 360-degree feedback built-in to a real psychometric test - reliable and valid.

Don’t forget that all our psychometrics have excellent, proven, reliability and validity, and the UK’s largest Education-Sector Norm Groups.

UKPQ 360°

UKPQ 360° is the first UK Psychometric test to include feedback from colleagues about the hypotheses generated. No longer simply theoretical, the UKPQ360 not only discusses how an individual perceives his/her behaviour, it shows whether they actually do what they think - and discusses areas of difference!

Schools and colleges across the UK have used UKPQ 360 in the development and selection  of their senior staff.  Schools have especially found UKPQ360° useful in the development of

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How they work and how to find out more:

Download Psychometrics Brochures:


UKPQ is a valid & reliable personality questionnaire with large Education SLT norms. It shows the candidate’s preferred leadership & team styles


UKGMAT is a valid & reliable test of the candidate’s aptitude for making good decisions based on written evidence under pressure - vital parts of SLT work


UKGSAT is a valid & reliable test of the candidate’s aptitude for making well-founded decisions at a middle-leader level- vital parts of Head of Department work

senior individuals and teams.

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