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ASDTi offers a hassle-free approach to SLT recruitment. Whether you are seeking a Principal/Headteacher, a Deputy or Assistant Head/Principal, or a Head of Department, Faculty, Key Stage or Year Group, ASDTi has a tremendous record of success. We will liaise with Governors or the Head/Principal, design and place your advertisement (also hosting it on our own sites), provide a unique 24/7 ‘out of hours’ service to potential applicants, carry out ‘Headhunting’, deal with all paperwork, carry out provisional short-listing and design & attend selection.

In the meantime your Governors and/or Headteacher can lead the school and your HR team won’t be overwhelmed by the project. ASDTi takes on all the work, provides all the technology, and supplies the evening and weekend coverage to secure excellent candidates. All of this is at a fixed price that is often a fraction of competitors - but has a 100% success rate in most sectors.  Contact us for a quote.  Or, if you’d prefer to ‘do it yourself’ but aren’t sure about the documents you’d need, click here to buy templates & download them now.


We carry out more than 100,000 surveys annually, specialising in the Primary and 11-16 sectors. Our surveys are simple, valid and hassle-free.


ASDTi publishes psychometric tests for recruitment & development, available to schools and colleges to purchase on-line. Our education norms are the largest available.

  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi has an unrivalled success rate in school & college SLT recruitment over the last 18 years.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi was the first to be recommended for recruitment by the Sixth Form Colleges Association.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi has an impressive client list in Sixth Form Colleges, Academies, Free Schools & Primaries. Governors consistently recommend us.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi has a range of products available online for you to buy online and download if you want to do the recruitment 'in-house'.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi offers psychometric testing at competitive rates for all schools and colleges. You can buy tests on-line and we'll do the rest.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentConsistently, year-after-year, ASDTi has led the way in successful Principal, Headteacher and Deputy recruitment.
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Here’s how it worked for Great Sankey High School:

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