• ASDTi Classroom Climate SurveyThe Classroom Climate Survey looks at Teaching & Learning. There are 28 standard statements, normed against other schools.
  • ASDTi Parent & Carer SurveyThe Parent & Carer Survey looks at parents' view of the school. It covers all the OfSTED questions and more - it's great evidence before an inspection.
  • ASDTi Staff SurveyThe Staff Survey helps Senior Leaders by looking at Staff satisfaction, motivation and direction. There are 25 statements, normed against other schools.
  • ASDTi Governor SurveyThe Governor Climate Survey looks at the effective working of the Governing Body - how well equipped, trained and motivated Governors feel.
  • ASDTi Anti-Bullying SurveyThe Anti-Bullying survey is ideal just before - and after - anti-bullying week. It provides clear evidence of what has been learned, and uses 'STOP' terminology.
  • ASDTi Early Years SurveyThe Early Years Survey has just a few, focused statements, written in simple language to be just right for R, Y1 and Y2 with some Teaching Assistant support.
  • ASDTi Staff Stress SurveyThe Staff Stress Survey examines the known common causes of staff stress in schools and explores how well equipped staff feel in coping strategies.
  • ASDTi Unique SurveyWe can create any survey you like, within minutes, with up to 25 statements and up to 6 possible answers per statement. Just name your topic!
  • And more to come...The full, current range of surveys is shown below. We add more on a regular basis - if you'd like a new standard survey, just let us know...
ASDTi Classroom Climate Survey1 ASDTi Parent & Carer Survey2 ASDTi Staff Survey3 ASDTi Governor Survey4 ASDTi Anti-Bullying Survey5 ASDTi Early Years Survey6 ASDTi Staff Stress Survey7 ASDTi Unique Survey8 And more to come...9

St. Anne’s CE Academy Surveys

This page contains surveys created for St. Anne’s CE Academy, in Middleton, Greater Manchester. To access any of these surveys, you’ll need a Login ID and a Password. Then just click on the survey below that you need to complete.

ASDTi produces the UK Climate for Learning Surveys, making the job of hearing - and acting upon - the stakeholder voice simple and cost-effective, yet rigorous and thorough. There are now seven instruments in the series, all available under your annual licence, for you to use whenever suits you best during the school year - as often as you want. All are based on verified models, tested and benchmarked in the UK. They are used in many 100's of 11-19 Schools, Academies and Primary Schools, and will help you to take well-founded action based on all stakeholders' views.  We also offer a unique survey where the school decides upon the statements (up to 25 of them in a ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’ continuum) - this survey is also not normed.

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St Anne’s Staff Survey

For staff in St. Anne’s CE Academy.  The perfect survey to benchmark staff views.


For pupils of St. Anne’s CE Academy.  The perfect survey to benchmark classroom climate and pupils’ views.

St Anne’s Pupil Survey

Complete Complete

For parents and carers of pupils at St. Anne’s CE Academy.

St Anne’s Parent and Carer Survey