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Educational Climate Surveys

ASDTi produces the UK Climate for Learning Series of Surveys, making the job of hearing - and acting upon - the stakeholder voice simple and cost-effective, yet rigorous and thorough. There are now seven instruments in the series, all available under your annual licence, for you to use whenever suits you best during the school year - as often as you want. Revised for 2014 is the Parent survey, covering all OfSTED questions and much more, helping you prepare for assessment with confidence.

All instruments are based on verified models, tested and benchmarked in the UK. They are used in many 100's of 11-19 Schools, Academies and Primary Schools, and will help you to take well-founded action based on all stakeholders' views.

The surveys to which your licence gives unlimited access are listed in the menu on the left of this page. New for 2012 was the ‘Early Years Survey’, new for 2013 is the ‘Staff Stress Survey’ and new for 2014 is the 'Student Happiness Survey'. All these surveys are normed. We also offer a unique survey where the school decides upon the statements (up to 25 of them) - this survey is not normed.

If you have a password, use the menu on your left to choose the survey you want. If you just want to see how the surveys work, click ‘How do I use these surveys’

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Parents and Carers should complete the Parent and Carer Perceptions Survey unless advised otherwise. They can also complete the Unique and Anti-Bullying Surveys.

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